Get Involved!

One of the goals of the Boise School District is to foster relationships with stakeholders, community members, and our most valuable partners in education: parents. We encourage ongoing engagement and support so that, together, we can grow and enhance our programs and provide opportunities for every child to reach their full potential.

There are many meaningful ways to get involved with the Boise School District:


Spread the word

Connect with our special “Everything’s Possible” social media channels for real stories and messages about our students and teachers. Then share to inspire your friends and family!  



You can assist in Boise Schools in a variety of ways, whether it’s through involvement in parent-teacher organizations or directly at a school providing a lending hand in libraries, classrooms, on playgrounds, etc. Click here to learn more about all the volunteer opportunities available.


Make a gift today

The Boise Public Schools Foundation was founded in 1985 to help teachers implement creative ideas that expand their students’ learning experiences without using tax dollars. Today, the Foundation is a critical District partner, providing extra resources that can often be the tipping point in the success of a school or a student’s life. Make a gift today!


Tell your story

Are you interested in being involved on a deeper level? No one is a better advocate for our schools and our students than you, and we want to help you grow the impact of your voice and support. We also want to hear your unique education story. Are you a teacher with an incredible student story to tell? Are you a parent who wants to share a moment that made a positive mark on the lives of you and your family? Tell us by filling out this form.